About Us

saggar & Refractory Parts Manufacturing Company (S.R.P.M. Co.) is a leading producer of the refractory parts (kiln furniture) exclusively used in kiln cars in the Ceramic Industries .The company was established in 1998 in an area of 15000 square meters in Marand ,north west of Iran about 70 Km from Azerbaijan and 200 Km from Turkish border. With a nominal capacity of 1900 M.T. per year, the Company is able to produce different kind of refractory with Mullite – Cordierite, Mullite, Cordierite – Mullite and SiC bodies, using in kiln cars construction. to manufacture its products, Saggar and Refractory Parts Manufacturing is well equipped with modern machinery such as:

  • Riedhammer Shuttle Kiln with working temperature up to 1600 degrees Ceisius & capacity of 31.2 cubic meters
  • Dieffenbacher Hydraulic Presses with various capacity
  • Eirich Mixer
  • Weighing Machines,

The company works with up to date European know-how and benefit from some advisory services by European experts. the characteristic of our kiln furniture products with low thermal expansion coefficient and high creeping resistance, mean that they offer a suitable response to the requirements of companies in the following industrials sectors.

  • Table Ware
  • Sanitary Ware
  • Floor and Wall Tiles
  • Stoneware and Ceramics for technical purposes
  • Glaze and Paint
  • Brick and Roof Tiles
  • Pottery and Decorative Porcelain